Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I get NZ Computer World delivered weekly. It's a so so industry rag to be honest. It has very little local content, with most of the articles coming from the US sister publication. It's a little disappointing to me they don't use more local writers to produce articles. There is a strong I.T. community in NZ and many of these people produce blogs and are good writers whom could do as good a job as a US expert.

These sort of weekly publications are becoming less and less relevant in the age of the blog, but hey it's a tax right off and some of the articles are good.

Anyway, I have noticed that in the last few weeks they have been pushing the phrase I.C.T. like crazy. It stands for Information and Communications Technology apparently, instead of just Information Technology which is the current standard. Call me old fashioned but isn't "Information and Communications" a redundant statement? What is communication without information? Waffle perhaps? Hmmmm. Journalists. Waffle. Yeah I guess I shouldn't be surprised. (Those who can: do. Those who can't: write (Yes I do see the irony there)).

BTW anyone who is really involved with "IT" would rather die than call themselves ICT professionals. I much prefer any of Techie, Developer, Geek or even Computer Guy. ICT sounds like something a politician invented.</rantMode>


Nic said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more :) OTOH, CW has gotten fairly irrelivant - reading a few blogs around NZ (eg, Juha's) gets most of the info a week earlier.....

Russell said...

I agree completely!