Monday, January 15, 2007

Gave in to temptation

After drooling over them for a while, I have finally ordered a MacBook Pro. Just got the base 15 Inch Core Duo 2 2.13, but it should rock. I upgraded to 2gb of ram as I intend to use Parallels and the word on the street suggests 2gb is the sweet spot.

Ordered it from Harvey Norman and because it isn't standard (also ordered the glossy screen) it has to come from Oz and should take 3-4 weeks. I could walk to Oz and back in 3-4 weeks, hopefully that time frame is worst case scenario, but nothing would surprise me from Harvey Norman.

I intend on doing .NET dev work in Parallels, from the reading I have been doing, it should be fine. If not I can use Bootcamp and duel boot, but that is a last resort.

Anyway, more to follow when it arrives...

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