Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What do you want in a computer?

If you hate Macs, then don't bother reading on.

Anyone who reads this blog will know that I am a developer for a living, what's more I develop on Windows using Microsoft tools. Without a shadow of a doubt Visual Studio and in particular C# are the best tools for getting the job done. Period. Windows, well not so much.

When I get home, I just want my computer to work. I want to catch up on email, read and write blog posts, surf the net, watch video, listen to music and import, edit and view of Digital photos. I would estimate that 80% of computer users would have the same requirements.

I don't want to have to piss around making sure my Virus, Malware and Spyware apps are up to date and my computer is clean. I can't be arsed with my machine crashing when I'm half way through something. In other words I use a Mac. Now, I can respect people thinking they are saving money by buying a budget Dell or equivalent. I'm sure they are fine and do the job 90% of the time. More power to them. For the rest of us, I really and honestly don't understand why so many people persevere with Windows.

I think other than the fact that OSX just works without fuss and is virtually Virus and Spyware free, the biggest pro for getting a Mac is the bundled software. iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, iTunes, GarageBand, iMail and iCal are brilliant. There are apps on Windows that do the same thing for free, but none of them are included with the operating system, or work as seamlessly.

There is a new version of the so called iLife apps out. Link here. Having seen what is on offer, I think that the new iPhoto could be the killer app to make Windows users switch. It automatically imports photos from your Camera and breaks them into Events, making it easier to view your photos. This with iPhoto's already impressive ease of use, speedy search and "it just works" factor will make viewing your photo library painless.

I know this sounds like an ad for Apple, but it's more wanting to let everybody know how much simpler life with a computer can be. If you've ever used an iPod then used any other MP3 player you will understand what I mean.

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