Thursday, July 03, 2008

I love fixing bugs

I might be the strangest developer out there, but I love fixing bugs. Give me a list of things wrong with an app, and I will happily go through the list and fix the bugs one by one.

Most other developers I know, hate bug fixing. They grumble, moan and complain. I think the reason for this is, if their software comes back, then it is an afront to their skills as a developer. To them, a bug is like saying, "You're not as good as you think, here's the proof".

I have been in this game far too long to have an ego. Infact in my opinion, there is no place for egos in the world of software development. Egos get in the way of correct decision making. Like being under the influence of alcohol, an ego can cloud your judgement and make you do things you shouldn't.

To me a bug is as much a part of the game of software development as writing code. I get the same buzz with fixing a bug as I do when writing some gnarly code and getting it to work. Like I did today using DynamicMethods and IL to make use a faster way to get reflection info - more on that later. So don't fear bug fixing, just look at it as a problem solving exercise and start to enjoy killing those little bastards.

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Nic Wise said...

you are a sad, twisted little man.....

... kidding. I rather enjoy it too - and also helping others with nasty problems. What I dont like is obvious bugs caused by lack of communication, or bugs which are fixed by doing something - eg, if you dont use the state server, it crashes after you do X. That killed me for a week before someone told me the fix.