Friday, September 12, 2008

iPhone 2.1 - Pointless!

I had really high expectations for the 2.1 update. Sadly it was always going to be a disappointment. Again I have been with a friend who owns a different phone on O2 and while his phone is showing 3 or 4 bars mine is showing No Service. Damn! Equally annoying is the fact that the phone apologists seem to fall back on the "number of bars does not mean the same thing across different phones" argument, but No Service is No fucking Service on any phone.

Anyway, another thing (other than Genius, aka please buy music you don't want) the only real difference I've noticed is a new little circle icon at the top where the connection type is shown, as you can see in the following pic. I have no idea what it represents and have not seen it before.

What it isn't is:

  • 3G
  • Edge
  • GPRS (I don't think, that's a square with hollow circle)
  • Wireless
Be interested if anyone has any idea what it might be.


Looks like this post is as useless as the update. It appears that all of the icons for the various data modes have been changed. 3G is now just white text rather than black on a white square so I'm assuming that the circle above is the GPRS equivalent to that. Surely the change isn't intended to save some battery power by lighting up 5 fewer pixels!!!!

Since 24 hours now I've been running 2.1 and none of my original gripes are fixed.

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