Friday, February 13, 2015

You may remember me from...

Hey anyone still reading this from 2007!

It's been a while between drinks.

I've gone from living in the UK, to being a architect for an online bank (briefly), to running my own company and having relative success selling iOS apps, to selling those apps and working for the company who bought them, to being back doing not much again! (Phew).

Oh yeah, I also wrote a book (not my best work sorry) and had a monthly column in PC World!

In between I've met some really awesome people, and picked up a lot more experience, mostly in the mobile world, and even won an Emmy for some work on the America's Cup app. Obviously, I was only part of a team, but still felt great to hear that we'd won!

Anyway, will endeavour to post more here, and try and get my page views up to somewhere, near where they were 8 (gulp) years ago!

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