Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Computer History and Free Video?

I am currently watching a series I, erm acquired off the net by Robert Cringely called Triumph of the Nerds. It basically traces the history of personal computing from the Altair through to 1996 when the series was made.

It comes down to Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs really, but there are a swag of personalities that shaped the PC industry we know today. It is a great series that any geek should watch.

If this ever gets back to Mr Cringely (hey you never know) - maybe you should make the series available as a paid download on your site? I have been also trying to get hold of Nerds 2.0.1 which chronicles the early Internet to no avail.

It would be cool if stuff like this that is a few years old and past it's commercial run, could be freely or at least available to download off the net. I think Cringely has this vision with NerdTV which is, if you dont know, a series avaliable via creative commons license. It's a great series and I download it as soon as it is available. It was supposed to be a weekly thing, but recently they have been a few weeks between episodes.

It appears Triumph of the Ners is still available to purchase

I would recommend it to anyone, and I will be buying it. Anyway, I think my point is still valid.

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