Thursday, March 02, 2006

PC World(NZ) won't be getting my subscription

My subscription to PC World has just expired and I won't be renewing.

I have been buying this magazine either off the shelve or through subscription since the late 80's. I know this because I still have most of them.

It was a great magazine in those early days. Genuinely funny with good articles and reviews that were useful. It was more a magazine for the enthusiast in those days.

Now it appears to be aimed at entry level computer users. Just about every month there is some boring round up about Multi Function centers or "tips" to get the most out of Windows. I mean it's stuff that anyone who can actually used a computer would know inherently.

The one saving grace is Juha Saarinen. His articles still have some technical content - albient not as propeller head as they used to be.

So what has happened? Have I out grown the magazine or have they sold out to the Lowest Common Denominator? Probably a little out of column A, a little of out Column B.

Either way they are getting my 3 fingered salute.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Cuisine, finger and all.

Juha said...

I try, but some people get confused when the old propeller spins too hard... :)

James said...

Juha - surely a PC magazine should cater for enthusiasts first? You don't read TopGear magazine to see how to drive, or which family sedan has the best mpg.

I guess you have to sell magazines, and aiming it at the non-geek 90% makes business sense, but it's a bit of a sell out to me.