Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Zealand Drivers

I come across this in my sent items from Outlook when I was doing a clean up. It was a post I made to the .NET NZ Developers List a year or so back. The topic was something to do with salaries are cars, but I posted my thoughts on NZ drivers. I believe the points are as true now as they were then. So here are my observations in no particular order

Changing the subject a little, I used to drive up to 1000k a week and from my experience (please don't take anything seriously if you own one of the

Holden Drivers tend to think they are Greg Murphy and drive accordingly, usually in a Piece of Sh*t that they've convinced themselves is an HSV

Subaru drivers are the worst on the road, probably due to the fact that they think 4wd makes them bullet proof

Toyota Corolla's are usually driven about 20k less than the speed limit and have a bowling hat on rear parcel tray

Most Ferrari's and Porsches are driven by middle aged men with a balding head and a long pony tail

The majority of SUV's never go off road, Toyota Prado's being the worst.

There is an unwritten law to travel at 95kph on the open road, up until passing lanes where the acceptable speed limit is 150kph.

A large percent of drivers don't know the basic road rules. Just look at any intersection where the traffic lights have failed. Give way to the right rule is overridden by the "Give way to bigger vehicles" law.

Speed Cameras are not to slow down traffic, but to pay for Auckland's roads.

There are a section of drivers whose driving ability is inversely proportional to how good they think they are. They generally are the ones who drive "by touch" on the open road. You know the ones that travel about a coat of bumper paint off the back of your car. Their cars ABS system obviously doesn't obey the rules of physics.

Caravans are magnetically attracted to the center line, and enjoy being popular by having a kilometers worth of traffic behind them.

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