Tuesday, August 01, 2006

TradeMe etc

Nic posted this:

The Chicken Coop - TradeMe gets all Web2.0 (kinda)

I'm with him - the best way to do AJAX is where it's needed, not whether it's needed or not. Nic mentions the "Smart Bunnies" at TradeME. I have mixed views about this. I guess being the countries most successful and biggest website they are always in the public eye, but if I see another wanky "Look Sam did this" article in a reputable magazine or T.V. Show, I'm gunna hurl. I mean good luck to him, I'd love his bank balance, but there are other smart people do great things in the Web arena too.

They can't be that smart anyway - I don't work for them ;-). Someone there has a sense of humour though. Just right-click the webpage and go view source. Thats a pretty novel way to find employees!

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Nic Wise said...

Oh, I agree :) I wasn't commenting on Sam tho - it was toally on the TM site in general. It is the 800lb gorilla of the NZ web, tho.

To be honest, I think Sam himself is getting sick of it. One of the interviews (in IdeaLog I think) was bordering on being pi**ed off with the interviewer :)

Since working (briefly) for IDG (on contract) I have a lot LESS faith and confidence in the media - especially the tech media. There are some notable exceptions (www.geekzone.co.nz/juha), but a lot of whats written is crap.

And then there is TV journo's. (sigh). Can you say "sound bite"? What a waste of time.

Anyway..... :)