Friday, September 08, 2006

It's been a bad week....

I was no fan of Steve Irwin, but understood the grief with his untimely passing.

Peter Brock was different. He was my childhood idol. I played soccer as a kid, so didn't idolise any specific All Black, or any soccer player really. In fact as a kid I didn't really idolise any sporting people. That was until I saw Peter Perfect driving around Mount Panorama. He optimized everything a role model should. He was a gentlemen and top bloke off the track, and on the track he was uncompromising, unrelenting and very very fast. His biggest asset was his Aussie larrikin, almost impish demeanor and unending positive outlook.

He was an Austalian icon, a legend in New Zealand, and to a small boy in the 80's, living in rural New Zealand, a hero.

Goodbye Peter, thanks for the memories. God we'll miss you.

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