Monday, September 18, 2006

Test the Nation '06

I have been watching Test the Nation 2006 tonight. I'm not a Nutritionalist, or Doctor so probably not qualified to comment, but hey it's my right of free speech!

Some of the "facts" given by the "experts" were a little annoying. The "Evil Diet (b)Witch" and her side kick were so smug about their viewpoint. This was highlighted by the discussion on Margarine vs Butter. The Naturalopath's took the Holistic approach, saying Butter was better because it is natural. The diet (b)witch completely dismissed butter because it is high in fat. I agree with the Naturalopaths myself. You have to take the world view rather than a blinkered view that low fat is the best.

It was suggested the Margarine has been linked to some cancers, but they were completely dismissive of this.

The other thing I took issue with is the Cholesterol part of the risk test. My wife and I both scored 3 points in this section. This equates to elevated risk. The test didn't take into account exercise, which studies have shown to reduce "bad" cholesterol and increase "good" cholesterol. We scored 3 because we use olive oil to cook, occaisonally use marge, and sometimes eat cheese.

Man, the experts may be exteremely healthy, but have a very boring life! I think the key to life is exercise well, and eat what you like - in moderation.


Neville said...

Yep. You need to tale care with those health quizzes. This from our local paper:

Local identity Dot Cossey is in hospital this morning after sustaining a nasty injury during last night's "Test The Nation" Health TV Quiz on Channel One.
The popular local suffered the injury when answering a "really hard question on heart disease. I couldn't decide between A and D so I took a stab in the dark," said Dot.
A hospital spokesperson said that "Mrs Cossey has lost a lot of blood but will be able to catch up with Simon and Wendy at six tonight."
Dot told the Kiwi Herald that she hadn't realised looking after your health could be so dangerous.

Nic Wise said...

Try this instead:

Avocado (about 1/8th per slice, give or take) on bread, rather than butter OR marg. High in good fats, 100% natural etc. All good. And very very very tasty.

Anonymous said...

The old "natural must be good" theory. Tabbaco, opium, dog crap...its all natural.

I agree, Everything in moderation, including moderation.