Monday, December 04, 2006

Classic CricInfo Commentary

I am at work today so cant watch the Ashes Live. Have been keeping up to date using CricInfo which is one of the best sports sites on the net. Anyway here is a transcript of some commentary I found amusing - commentator writing before thinking me thinks ;-)

"1.35pm Hello all, Jennifer here. Hope you're splendid. Welcome along to the afternoon session - we're just waiting for the players to come out on the pitch. Here they come now - let's see who Flintoff's going to hand the ball to... maybe he'll give himself another burst.

And for all those asking what chuntering means ... here's the dictionary definition ... "to grumble or grouse mildly or tediously". Oh, and as for those asking exactly what is being said in the middle ... well, we don't really know the gory details as the mandarins at the ICC rule that the material cannot be broadcast as it might upset more sensitive folk. It's up to your, and our, fertile imaginations...

Lunch A tense session but Australia avoided the follow-on thanks to Clarke and Gilchrist who, while they were made to work hard initially, were quick to dispatch the loose deliveries. We'll be back in 40 minutes and hope you'll join us again for more handbags at dawn. Send us your musings.

Pietersen is giving it back to Warne here, Jones by Warne's right and they're all having a go now! Collingwood's chirping back to Warne in his thick Durham accent (thick, as in prominent - I'm not casting aspersions as to his intelligence, obviously). This is great stuff
123.6 Pietersen to Warne, no run, and he defends this solidly before immediately turning towards the pavilion for lunch
Big chat here! It's all going off in the middle. Collingwood, Cook and Jones are laying into Warne. It's all friendly, lots of smiles, but it's great viewing. And listening
123.5 Pietersen to Clarke, 1 run, clunked down to long-on
123.4 Pietersen to Clarke, no run, the arm ball? Short, outside off and left alone
123.3 Pietersen to Clarke, no run, flighted outside off, turning back into Clarke who jumps back and defends watchfully
Pietersen's bossing this, marshalling his field and telling Cook to remain at short-leg
123.2 Pietersen to Warne, 1 run, no, too short and wide, cut hard into the deep
123.1 Pietersen to Warne, no run, and he comes forward here, head right over the ball. A wry smile there from Pietersen
Here's Pietersen over the wicket

Yes, just to confirm - the "chuntering" I mentioned in the previous over or two does not, in any way, mean the same as "chundering." No one is vomiting on the pitch, I can assure you."

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