Wednesday, December 13, 2006

PSP Rocks

I finally gave in and bought myself a Playstation Portable. Man these things rock. Pretty much a PS2 in a package no bigger than an old TV remote.

There are a couple of problems with it:
- the screen is crap in direct sunlight although it's not the lone ranger there when it comes to LCD screens though
- the analog control is in the wrong place. It is under the direction arrows which makes it not easy to use for anyone with big hands. You have to crane your thumb quite a bit to use it. I guess it was tested on either children or Japanese dudes with small hands. Either way it's not ideal for this Kiwi.

Oh and the screen is constantly grubby.

Other than that it is brilliant. I have just ordered a 1Gb Memory stick so I can try it out as a video/music playback device, which is probably the main reason I bought it. I plan to use it as a MP3 Player/Video Player to watch listen to webcasts while taking the train to work when we move to the UK. I know there are better devices for this, but none this cheap that play games as well.

Can't wait for Gran Turismo Mobile to come out in the New Year. I hope it is as good as the full Playstation versions.

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