Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Broadband Study: Part 3

Today Xtra brings onstream the new jetstream plans, so I figured it was a good time to revisit the pricing. In May, I undertook a plan to check on the broadband plans every 3 months or so, and see what if any changes the local loop unbundling announcement has made.

After the first 3 months nothing had changed. Has anything changed in this 3 month period? We shall see:

New plans to be announced
No change
Have new plans. Effectively dropped prices by $10 but have to buy data in blocks, which is a little confusing.
Again no real change in price, just data caps have changed a little and faster speeds available.

Effectively the new broadband plans are in fact not new. All are pretty much the same price but we now get "full" speed. Basically Telecom have pulled the rag out of the pipe allowing full throughput(down) to keep us simpletons happy for another 5 minutes.

So they are supplying the service they should have from the start, telling us they are great for doing it and we are all happy. Sometimes you gotta wonder about why we accept this sort of treatment in this country....

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