Sunday, October 08, 2006

King of the Mountain sent off in style

As usual on the 2nd Sunday in October, I sat infront of the box all day and watched the Great Race

This year was different because of the tragic death of Peter Brock. The send off before the race was poignant and in typical Australian manner. The race itself was full of carnage, with many safety car periods. It interrupted the flow of the race, but kept it tight until the very end.

It was fitting that on the day they fair-welled Brock, his protege and great friend, Craig Lowndes should break the drought for Ford. He was teared up as he crossed the finish line and quite a few on the hill probably were too.

Great result for Ford and all Ford fans who have been waiting since '98 for another win at Bathurst. As a born again Ford fan it was a great result and I was on the edge of my seat for the whole race, but mostly the last 10 laps when it became clear that Lowndes might actually do it.

Great day, great race, great result.

However, it was all put into perspective with the tragic news of Mark Porter dieing from his injuries from a crash on Friday at Bathurst. Our thoughts are with his family at a time like this.

I just hope that the wowsers don't use the deaths of the likes of Mark Porter and Peter Brock to try and water down or even ban racing. The wouldn't have wanted that, and in the end it would just cheapen their lives.
These accidenst are unfortunate and tragic, but there are accidents. I think a lot of the time we are too quick to look for someone to blame. May be we should accept that sometimes, regrettably accidents happen, and look to how we can learn and increase safety so that if the accident happens again, we can give the driver involved a better chance of survivial.

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