Sunday, October 22, 2006

Farewell Schumacher

Today was Michael Schumachers last race. Sadly an engine problem in qualifying and a puncture in the race meant he finished his last race in 4th. It was a brilliant drive to come back from 70 seconds down at one stage, but he just ran out of laps in the end.

It was a strange way for a career to finish - while challenging for the championship his usual luck ran out. An engine failure in Japan while leading and the tyre problem today meant an ending not befitting the best racer in history.

Karma's a bitch I guess! Schumacher while being an undoubted talent will forever have an asterix against his name. His actions on the track at times have been unsporting to say the least and that is something he will have to live with as he reflects on his career over the next few months and years. To me it doesn't take the gloss off an unequalled career.

More wins and poles than anyone in history say it all really. But as always no one person is bigger than the sport they compete in, and F1 will go on. It is shaping up to being an outstanding year in 2007. Schumacher will be missed, but roll on 2007!

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