Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sorting a List using delegates

I have to sort Lists of Custom classes relatively frequently. Everytime I am about to write the Sort code, I always forget how to do it for a breif second. So as a reminder, I thought I would put a post on how to do it.

Say you have a List of Customer classes.

List customerList = new List();

Now if you want to sort by a property in the list (for example BusinessName) you can do the following:

customerList.Sort( delegate( Customer x, Customer y)
return x.BusinessName.CompareTo(y.BusinessName);



Shaun Austin said...

Hmmm I'd probably want to use the culture specific version is the culture specific version of CompareTo and pass in CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture to ensure localized sorting behaviour at the very least. (FXCop would chew you a new one!!!)

Shaun Austin said...

stoopid iPhone keyboard!!!!!!

Shaun Austin said...

Note to self: stop treating all blog posts like stack overflow questions. There is no rep gained by commenting here!!!!!

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