Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Keynote prediction results

Here are the predictions I made with the results:

1) iPhone 2 or some sort of new iPhone.
Wrong. Just a software update.

2) "Touch" SDK
Yes, but had already been mentioned.  

3) Sub-Notebook Mac
Yes, but it was fairly common knowledge

4) iTunes video rentals
I Said:
This looks a certainty, although probably in the US only for a start, so not too worried about this announcement. If this is true, then an upgraded Apple TV might be needed to push videos from iTunes to the TV?

Got it in one with that one! I pat myself on the back for that one - no one else that I saw was predicting a refresh to the ATV

5) Desktop between Mac Pro and iMac
No Sadly.

6) Refresh to Apple Cinema Displays
Again No.

My out of Left Field item: Newton like device
No dammit.

So 3/6 for 50%. Not too bad I guess for my first try.

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