Monday, January 14, 2008

Keynote Predictions:

Steve Jobs will kick off 2008 at the MacWorld Expo tomorrow, giving the Keynote to conference, which he does every year.

It's Apple fans favourite time of the year, with Jobs announcing new products, or updates to old favourites. Last year for example, the iPhone was announced to great fanfare.

The other favourite past-time for Apple pundits this time of year is predicting what will be announced. I have heard everything from a sub-notebook through to a docking station that includes monitor, looking a little like the iMac.

Having read and studied the rumour sites and analysts predicitions, here is a list of the things I think we will see announced (in no particular order):

1) iPhone 2 or some sort of new iPhone.

Whether this be a 3G iPhone, or a rumoured iPhone Nano, there will definitely be an iPhone announcement.

2) "Touch" SDK

This has already been announced, but I think the iPhone SDK will also include iPod Touch and other future touch enabled Apple Devices or computers. I also predict that all software will be released though iTunes, and have to be certified by Apple.

3) Sub-Notebook Mac

There are various rumours about the form factor, and whether this would include a Touch Screen, but it looks certain some form of sub-notebook will be announced. Rumours have it that it will be called the Macbook Air. It would be great if this machine had touch, but I can't see. It would also be great if it had the docking machine I blogged about, but it probably won't.

4) iTunes video rentals

This looks a certainty, although probably in the US only for a start, so not too worried about this announcement. If this is true, then an upgraded Apple TV might be needed to push videos from iTunes to the TV?

5) Desktop between Mac Pro and iMac

This would be great, a machine with iMac like specs, but not with built in monitor. Should be cheaper than an iMac, or if dearer then not much. So the line up would be MacMini, MacTower(? my name), iMac, MacPro.
A price around $8-900 US would be great. Some analysts predict it come in between iMac and Mac Pro. I think it needs to come between Mini and iMac to be a real consumer item. Although, Apple have never been too concerned about being expensive.

6) Refresh to Apple Cinema Displays

It's been a while since the Cinema Displays have been refreshed, so I expect a new range to be announced. Maybe with greater integration with Apple TV built in?

My out of Left Field item: Newton like device

Ok, so this would be me dreaming, but a device bigger than an iPhone, but smaller than a tablet, with a 800x600 screen, Wifi and 3G would be amazing. With the iPhone interface, It would be the ultimate geek tool. Enough grunt to do most computer tasks (with Bluetooth Keyboard), and some sort of dock which allowed plugin to monitor when back at office/home. iPod built in, and almost HD screen it would be great for video too. Not going to happen, but if it did you would hear 1 million geeks cry out in ejaculatory unison.

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