Monday, January 14, 2008

Why didn't I get the press release?

Oh man I want one of these.

It's a shame I only just found it now. Would have been a great Xmas present. It measures 5.5cm in length so it's tiny. They also do one with Scissors (S4), but the Knife would do everything the scissors would.

I actually came across indirectly from Jeff Atwoods latest post about what is on his Keychain this year.

For the record, my keychain is boring.

It contains:

  • Keys

  • Liverpool FC Badge

  • The Stig

  • And soon to be a Leatherman Squirt P4


Nic said...

Personally, I have two keys (front door, appartment door), the actual key ring, and a plastic thing which attaches inside my bag. Thats it.

The leatherman looks nice, but I have three letters for you:


I travel too much to lose a £60 item. We travel with a leatherman - wouldn't leave without it - but never on the keyring.

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