Thursday, April 03, 2008

For fsk sake.

Lets make this clear. Nothing Max Mosely has done is illegal, or infact remotely illegal. What people do in private, is their business. Period. The fact that something gets published and put into the public domain, does not make it public domain.

Let me say that again. The paper in question posted a story and video of a private act and made it public. This in no way makes it public.

Issuing statements like this doesn't distance Toyota, Honda, Mercedes or BMW from anything Mosely did. Because they were never implicated. To issue these sort of statements infact makes you look like a bunch twats. What they should have said was something like, "while we disagree with Mr Mosely's conduct, we find the posting of such material abbhorent and an invasion of privacy. Mr Mosely has our full support in this difficult time for him and his family"

That's what a company with intergrity and balls would say. Or better yet, just say nothing.

This comes from the PC society we have become. I for one am sick of it. Surely the out cry should be against the paper, not whether or not some old dude gets off on being spanked by someone dressed up in a Nazi uniform?

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