Friday, May 12, 2006

Auction closed: Australia sold for $200 million

The auction finished after about an hour of people auto-extending. I was a little worried about having to pay success fess, but TradeMe had left a message on my home phone saying they would pull the auction as soon as it closed.

They said they usually pull things like this, but decided to let it run because it was getting back at the Aussies. (In so many words)

Good on them. It shows they have a bit more of a sense of humour than eBay. My local budgie liner got hold of the story and did an interview too. Unfortunately it ended up on the front page with a huge photo. Groan.

Story is here.

Anyway, it was a fun ride while it lasted, and good to see that there are funny people everywhere and that Trans Tasman rivalry is still alive!

Total stats: around 500 questions I think and over 20,000 pages views! Australia is a little more popular than I gave credit for.

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