Thursday, May 11, 2006

TM Auction: Way outta control

This auction has got way out of control. I had about 600 views up until 6:58 last night. Then something was mentioned on the news - I missed it - and it has created a life of it's own since. It's amazing how a 10s mention on the news can create interest. It has had over 12000 views in about 14 hours.

It's really hard trying to be humourous answering the questions. Most people are funny and positive, but there is always a few who are offensive. It's probably a good social study really.

Hopefully TM don't get too shitty - any publicity is good publicity right?


Anonymous said...

I am "Dalton" I won your Auction, but TM pulled it just as I was about to get your details.... such a shame.

dalton @ mr ihug in NZ

James said...

They rang me and said they would let it run its course but pull it, but I didn't get the message until I got home.

I am going to see if they will put it up so we can all laugh about it!

Anonymous said...

$200,045,400 was a bargain I thought. At least they let it get to a winner.

James said...

Yup. Kudos to TM.