Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Maddy is finally here

My amazing wife Kim gave birth to our first born last night.

We decided to have the baby at home. I was initially sceptical, but it was great being in familiar surroundings. The only downside is that there is no pain relief, other than aromatherapy and hot or cold flannels.

Unfortunately, the baby was facing front forward and twisted a bit so Labour was intense at times. Kim was amazing and got through it and Madison Anne was delivered at 11:35pm 29 May 2006. Weight was 8lb 2oz and all doing well, if a little tired today!

Pics available HERE


Tim Haines said...

Congrats Mate! I can't imagine how intense the labour and birth is. We've seen videos etc - but know that you just won't have a clue till you're doing it. 6 more weeks till our first is due. :-)

James said...

Cheers Tim.

Good luck with yours. Just remember it's a bit like a development project - start of the project is always fun, overruns can cause problems, heaps of work on the final deadline and the end result makes it all worthwhile ;-)

You'll get sick of people asking if you've "had the baby yet" too.