Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Government propose regulation in response to poor broadband uptake

It has just been announced that the Government is proposing to regulate Telecom to ensure better broadband uptake.

Part of the regulation also includes a proposal to unbundle the local loop.

This is great news for Internet users in New Zealand. Hopefully now we can get real broadband at a reasonable price. Not just what Telecom have given us.

To the uninitiated, Telecom currently holds a monopoly over ISP's in New Zealand, which basically requires them to use buy wholesale Broadband access from Telecom because it owns the "last mile" of the telephone network.

It will be interesting to see how Telecom/Xtra respond to this and to see what Broadband speed/Plans we get as a result.

Currently, I pay $NZ79 for 10Gb of data at 3.5Mb/s down and 512Mb/s up. This includes a static IP address.

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