Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Directors Head to Head

I have been looking at this:
The Movie Times: Top Grossing Films of All Time Worldwide
sorted by Worldwide Profit and broken down into director.

I decided to pick Peter Jackson and Andrew Adamson because they are Kiwi's, Lucas and Spielberg go without saying and James Cameron because he directed the biggest grossing movie of all time. Then I decided to take their total Worldwide Profit and total movies in the top 150 and see which director averages the most money per flick.

# Movies441133
Total Profit2955.62864.54602.31808.32317.1
Average Profit738.9716.12418.39602.76772.36

*In $M
Note: Not all Steven Speilbergs' movies are added to the list because they didn't have budget information.

James Cameron comes out on top, followed by Peter Jackson and George Lucas rounding out the top 3. Interestingly Speilberg come last on average per movie, but considering he has 11 (with budget info) movies in the top 150 grossing movies of all time says a lot about him.

The other interesting thing to note, that isn't portrayed above, is that of the Top 10 grossing films of all time (worldwide) 4 of them were directed by a New Zealander. I think Hollywood should drop sticks and move all it's business to Wellywood....

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